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New book on professional communication

Communicate as a Professional, edited by Carel Jansen, Leon de Stadler and Aline Douma, was published recently byAmsterdam University Press. Read more about this beautifully designed book here.

Dr Karen Schriver, a world renowned expert in information design, plain language, writing, technical communication, assessment, and design strategy, writes the following:

"This beautifully designed and illustrated textbook introduces students to strategies for improving their professional communication practices. Jansen, de Stadler, and Douma show the complexity that underlies effective communication in the workplace – rejecting formulaic approaches and easy answers. They provide students with a sense that their professional communication – both writing and speaking – can improve. Communicate as a Professional draws on theories of cognition, linguistics, writing, argument, and text design to offer solid advice about what it takes to create texts that people want to read or listen to. Especially interesting are the many timely international examples that make the topics come alive. Students from around the world will enjoy this text as it offers a global perspective on professional communication not found elsewhere.”

Dr Karen Schriver is Author and President of KSA Communication Design & Research (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  USA). About her work, see here and here, for instance.


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