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A short note on my history

Between 2002-2017 I functioned as the founder-director of the Language Centre of Stellenbosch University, where I have been privileged to work with a group of truly wonderful people. The Language Centre has grown to the point where it currently serves approximately 14 000 students per year through the different services that we offer. The Language Centre also offers services to clients in the community, services such as translation, editing, language courses, workshops in professional communication and communication design services.

Visit the website of the Language Centre to learn more about the Centre's activities (link).

Before my retirement at the beginning of 2017 I also coordinated the postgraduate programme in Document Analysis and Design, a programme which has trained approximately 50 students over the past decade. In this programme we dealt with topics such as document design as a field, generic aspects of document design, document evaluation, intercultural communication, and the design of different document genres.

Currently I am the owner of Leon de Stadler and Associates, consulting on matters regarding communication design.

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