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Communication Design

We can help you design and test different types of documents to ensure that you really reach your intended audience and achieve the goals you set out for your communication. These may include marketing documents, reports, policy documents, manuals, forms, websites, and many more. Contact us for more information regarding your needs.

Plain Language

South Africa's Consumer Protection Act obligates you to develop all your client-focused documents in plain language. The problem of course is that it is never that "plain and simple". That is where our expert support kicks in!

Usability Testing


You have developed a wonderful document, but how do you know that it actually satisfies the needs of your audience? By employing a variety of usability testing techniques we can find out.

Projecting Your Image

Whenever you communicate you are projecting an image, whether you like it or not. The question then is: Am I projecting the desired image for my company or institution?  And more often than not people seem to have very little control regarding this aspect of their communication. We can provide you with the tools to ensure that this desired image is projected by your communication.

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